Expanding Possibilities… since 10 years… and many more to go!

Cellecor has always been at the forefront of providing excellent communication solutions to its customers. This long and successful journey started in the year 2011 when Cellecor introduced basic feature phones and landlines to make user communication efficient. After its success, Cellecor moved further with bulk shipments of phones from China for many popular mobile brands in 2014 and expanded the business.

Since then, Cellecor has been on a roll, by becoming the manufacturers of affordable mobile phones in India.The following year marked the existence of Cellecor as an individual brand that officially rolled out in Northern India & Western India with its channel partners. 

The success of Cellecor reached over 14 states and 250+ districts in India. With the manpower of around 100+ in the R & D team clubbed with sales and front-end team, Cellecor has been continuing to thrive in the world of electronics.

With the much-acclaimed success in feature phone segment, now is the right time to tap the Smartphone category, with smart 4g phones, below the range of 4k, on Cellecor’s platter right now. The average model count of smartphones being produced every month is 18-20, i.e., market growth is more than 40 percent per annum. Having already sold more than 1 million handsets to the Indian customers, Cellecor is making giant strides and growing rapidly with twice the speed, with an aim to become market leaders in Mobile & Accessories by 2021.